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immediate reports from NYC
ongoing progressive info
donating to relief
ongoing anti-war actions

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immediate background/overview articles
Noam Chomsky Sept. 18 interview... from Radio B92 in Belgrade, onsite. For more of Chomsky, incomparable revealer of U.S. political and mass-media mis- and disinformation (and supreme scientist of linguistics): The Noam Chomsky Archive.
Lawrence Mosqueda historical overview... putting this act in the context of U.S. history of the past 50 years. Jonathon Harrington posted a response to (argument against) Mosqueda's article here at our Forum.

immediate NYC reactions
Sara Pursley... "Not In My Name," a heartfelt, perceptive column from Lesbian and Gay New York.
R. Hell's Sept. 11 Forum report... followed by messages on Sept. 17, 19, and (re the Bush address to Congress) Sept. 21... Then on the 27th, and, re marching and actions for peace, on Oct. 1.
R. Hell's letter to Bush following 48 hour war-promise (3/18/03)

ongoing political info
Znet... Z magazine's tremendous collection of continuously updated expert views and arguments, etc., re current world events from a progressive perspective; includes forums, links, and many other features.
Common Dreams... Fantastic progressive news center of breaking stories, daily newsclips, and a world of links to fresh info.
Independent Media Center... Information from everywhere, including by non-professional reporters--people on the scenes of events who upload descriptions. Terrific use of internet's interactive potential. There are separate branches all over the world to specialize in local news (here's the New York site).
FAIR... Excellent media watch, exposing distortion and censorship.
Al-Awda... Eye-opening links and info on the Middle East.
Counterpunch... Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair's political newsletter.

verified relief funds (all of which permit online--via credit card, etc.--donations)
The United Way September 11th Fund... 100% of donations will be used to "help respond to the immediate and longer-term needs of the victims, their families, and communities affected by the events of September 11."
The Uniformed Firefighters Association... Widows' and Childrens' Fund. The Firefighters also do not have enough people to attend the number of funerals being held for the horrific number of their WTC dead and this site lists times and locations of funerals.
Amnesty International... is not a fund for assistance to direct victims of the September 11 attack, but is the distinguished defender of human rights, campaigning "to free all prisoners of conscience; ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment of prisoners; end political killings and 'disappearances'; and oppose human rights abuses by opposition groups." It's "impartial and independent of any government, political persuasion, or religious creed."

ongoing anti-war actions
International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), the initiator of the first post-9/11 march on Washington and major organizing group of anti-war protests, which was founded by former Attorney General Ramsay Clark's International Action Center... "Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S. Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed."
Art and Politics of the Greater Lower East Side provides the most complete and up-to-date list of local (New York City) actions and events we've found.
Elected Officials Search... Write your elected officials! Common Cause's page for determining who represents you or has been elected to "govern" you and what address at which they may be reached. Snail mail is still the most effective.

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Thurston Moore
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