two-page spread: The Judas Jesus, anth. incl. Richard Hell

above poems by Hell from The Judas Jesus anthology:

A sip from the straw in the oily puddle
of my mother's breast for breakfast
and then a roll in the warm bowl
hands ruffling the hemisphere of rainbows
until the colors release
packs of cigarettes that make me dizzy
in the white bubble-nest
deep in the field
with my friend
where we pull the flab over our heads
our white asses stuck to the leaves
...our ears...our arms, all shut up
except for the slit in the cock that squirts
tiny cross sections of lemons suspended in milk
like hot and soothing blisters
a form of tranquilizer raised by inhaling

                                                             Vaginas, aged 15

ca. 1970

I am the Test, the strange man
others are locked on a bus with for five days.
I stare at one of their body parts at a time,
changing emotional states for each part--
lips--melancholy, eyes--innocence...
Oh my God I'm 14 years old!
What am I doing in this body??

ca. 1970

Biting the thought, sucking
it back like spaghetti, entrails
infinitesimal verbal lies
the thought, the lines
followed backwards and backwards
to the doorway
of a tiny cottage...
God's in the forest cutting wood
but the table in the immaculate room is set.
Upon the shining plate there lies a little
morsel of conception.
but I've lost my appetite
devoid of appetite
I don't have any appetite any more.
God comes back, "Not hungry, eh?"
"No, sir."
That gets a big laugh
people start clapping and standing up
giving me a hand.
I'm very grateful. They're wonderful
though I don't understand it.
I'm clapping too and we start kissing.
The kissing gets serious.

ca. 1970

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