Hell Hot and Cold Free Inscribed Book
and Tickets to Party Contest!!!

There were two contests, winners to receive copies of Hell's new book Hot and Cold (description) inscribed by the author (inscriptions could be dictated by the winners if desired), plus tickets to the book's publication party in New York on Wednesday, Nov. 7th....

identify the three poets quoted in these lines at the end of "Winter Poem" (1999) (which is the last poem printed in Hot and Cold):

       all those damn poets with their
       lines, videlicit: "Poetry is the past that breaks out in our hearts,"
       "Your nakedness: the sound when I break an apple in half,"
       "A glass of chocolate milk, head of lettuce, dark-
       ness of clouds at one o'clock obsess me," that's
       all fine for them, but things
       like that only work once

       which is poetry, and this line
       will never be said again

The quoted lines in question--
1) Poetry is the past that breaks out in our hearts

2) Your nakedness: the sound when I break an apple in half

3) A glass of chocolate milk, head of lettuce, dark-
    ness of clouds at one o'clock obsess me
--were each written by a different poet. Who wrote which lines? "Tell us via email at [N/A--the contest is over]. We'll announce the winner as soon as we get the correct answer. In case no one gets all three right, the winner will be the first person to correctly identify the author(s) of the most lines. If the winner can't use the party tickets he or she can designate substitutes."

And the winner is [as of 10/23--the third day of the contest]...

Gary C. Wagaman
of Westland, MI
who correctly identified the lines as being:
1) by Rainer Maria Rilke
2) by Bill Knott
3) by Ted Berrigan...

Congratulations Dude!

continue the sentence(s):

       I'd prefer to look at the sky because

"with 300 additional words or fewer (in as many sentences as you like). (No points for length or brevity.) Richard will be the judge. He'll just pick the answer he likes the most (and no points for flattery or offering favors he swears). Send your entry to [N/A--the contest is over]. Again, if the winner can't use the tickets he or she can designate substitutes.

"Entries must be received by midnight Thurs., Nov. 1 (your time).
Please include your name and town of residence with your entry.

All are welcome to enter both contests but you can only win one--if one person wins both contests, we'll award the runner up in the 'quotes' competition the prizes for that. Only one entry per contest, though, please. Friends and relatives of Richard's are disqualified (you get books and tickets anyway)."


Richard enjoyed reading the entries to the second contest so much that he decided to award the prizes to three contestants--the winner and two runners up. Thank you everyone who entered...

The winning entry is by M.A. Dinkins of Shreveport, LA:

I Prefer To Look at the Sky Because...

form is hollow...taking its cue from what is presented outwardly, and substance is that which is redirected by form inwardly, thus to look at the sky is to drown in one's own form, infinitely, dirtily, scarily. that wave which swallows, that cliff which steps over, that sky which beckons us to hide....

When "M. A. Dinkins" was invited to tell us about him/herself (including what sex we should apply to that name), we were told: I was born with a penis on the Winter Solstice in the year of 1975 to two unassuming individuals who took a certain responsibility for the actions which lead to said birthing. I have suffered, as is the human condition, for these past 25 years in the environs of the Deep South, ranging from New Orleans, to Austin, and my hometown of Shreveport, LA. I am a firm believer in the Revolution of Lowered Expectations and a conscientious objector to ritualized formal education. I currently enjoy exploring Minimalism and microsound, experimenting on peoples expectations and notions of the performer/audience relationship, and Samuel Beckett. I hope one day to dissolve the boundaries between self and other.

The runners up are...

by Tom Sadler of Columbia, MO:

I'd prefer to look at the sky because I'm drunk and I have to hold my head in one position in order to keep from vomiting up half a day's supply of Jagermeister.

When asked for some bio info, Tom Sadler wrote: My bio is unfortunately still in the works but suffice to say that I am often in the company of a bottle of booze in one form or another and I like rock and roll music. I am currently trying to decide where in this country to move to next. Without any money, no less. Thank you.

and by Stephen Wilson of Richmond, VA:
I prefer to look at the sky because I'm going there, smiling, I'm not afraid and the blindfold is for them not me.

Stephen Wilson tell us this about himself: I'm 41, brown hair, medium build, proud father of Molly (13), I work at the loading dock of the fabulous Virginia Museum of Fine Arts here in Richmond. I'm an amateur fiddler and listen to all kinds of ecstatic music, from Irish jigs & reels to Fushitsusha and everything in between. The last book I read was 'The Third Policeman' by Flann O'Brien. The last CD I purchased was the V.U. 'The Quine Tapes'. I guess that about sums it up.

Each of the four winners gets an inscribed copy of Hot and Cold and two invitations to the Nov. 7th publication party for the book. Thanks again, so much, to everyone who entered.

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