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R. Hell Merchandise Service Comments

This page is for the public posting of comments regarding our service by people who've ordered merchandise from us. It's meant to reassure those cynical communists who may be wary of sending money to handsome strangers. No, really, we offer this stuff, a lot of which is hard to find anywhere else, as much to get it out to those who're interested, and to generate good will, as to make money (we charge as little as possible for the commercially distributed things) -- but it doesn't make much sense if people are too nervous to order. We're very grateful for all honest comments. Please don't waste space with jive though. (We'll remove the message if you do.) E-mail addresses must be verifiable.

Please note: We've disabled this page for new comments until further notice, as we've been inundated by spam from spider bots advertising gambling and porn websites. To protect our customers from such spam, we've now also removed the display of their email addresses. We hope and believe all the indications at the site will give you confidence in the level of our service. Thank you.

Please address any questions to orders followed by @ followed by richardhell.com

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