Hot and Cold Hell collected poems


I remember on my 21st birthday
we took acid and my girlfriend said,
"You know, you'll never
have a 21st birthday again,"
and my mind went concentric
and I started crying.

I don't want 2001
to end. Actually I don't
want One to end.
I don't want Zero to stop.
It's not that I want to hold on to the past
but just to have everything in the present.
I guess that's why they made up Jesus Christ
and put him seven days before New Year's
and had everybody give each other presents.

I would like to prophecy the end of time and the coming
of exquisite legs and golden auras among the hilltops and clouds
but it'll never happen. Well, not "never" exactly--
it just did happen.
That counts, right?

Poets are fools but I don't give a fuck
anymore. Life's only good when it's well written.

[Dec. 26, 2001-Jan. 1 2002]

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